Tuesday, 16 April 2024 - 07:24 pm
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Garage Door Spring Repair Mill Valley

How Garage Door Spring Repair Mill Valley Can Help Maintain Your Door

Most mechanical devices last much longer when they’ve been properly maintained and garage door springs are one of the most important items in your home that need regular care and maintenance. Although there are parts of the garage door, such as the panels, hinges, and brackets, that are fairly easy to maintain for the homeowner. However, when it comes to the garage door springs it might be a job best left to garage door spring repair Mill Valley since there are some procedures they can be dangerous. Let’s take a look.

Most Garage Doors Have Two Large Springs

Their job is to keep the garage door balanced so that is not too hard for the average person to open and close. Instead of using large weights, as was done in the past, the springs maintain a certain amount of tension making the garage door seem much lighter than it otherwise is. However, the springs carry an enormous amount of built up power that helps them do their job and if not carefully maintained they can break or loose tension.

In most cases, the garage door spring will last for around 10,000 openings and closings so if one spring has gone bad it’s a good idea to replace both at the same time since the other one is most likely to need replacement soon. The service call of the garage door repair Mill Valley professional will be nearly the same for one spring or for two springs. As long as you notify the repair man of which brand you have he will most likely be able to find the correct springs and bring them with him to repair project.

If, during your normal maintenance procedures, you notice that the door is no longer opening and closing, making some kind of strange noise from the springs, or has another type of problem that is best to call a professional repairman. You can double check their customer service ratings online by searching for their company name in the phrase customer reviews to assure yourself that you’re getting excellent service men with a good reputation.